New Hope Pet Waste Removal Service

Rates Starting at $9.99

Schedule Pet Waste Pickup
1. You schedule your weekly service.
We Clean Your Dog Poop
2. We clean up & haul away the poop.
Enjoy Time With Your Dog
3. You get to enjoy a clean yard!


What Doo Doo Pros Pet Waste Removal New Hope Does

We all love our pets, but no one enjoys cleaning up after them! Doo Doo Pros Pet Waste Removal New Hope is here to help.

Our skilled service team will walk your yard in a grid pattern, clearing out all pet waste. Simply schedule your affordable service and we will handle the rest! Doo Doo Pros will clean your yard rain or shine and we take the pet waste when we go!

Doo Doo Pros Serves New Hope GA & Surrounding Areas.

 Doo Doo Pros New Hope Facts

Doo Doo Pros makes pet waste removal affordable. Ask about our monthly discounts for referrals as well!


We sanitize our shoes and equipment before every job. This prevents sickness to you and your pets. Having a clean yard will also help prevent germs being tracked in by your dog!


Our workers are trained and have had background checks. Our technicians have our branded uniforms with clearly marked service vehicles.

group of dogs and cat